Someone Else's Train

Don't remember when I wrote this, but I actually really, really like it now that I read it again. It must've been last year at some point. Hope you enjoy!

Verse 1:
I’m riding down a tunnel
On a train, shuffling on
I can’t see where the tracks lead
Close my eyes, I’m almost gone

I fall asleep, my head
Against the window glass
The rumbling of the wheels
Is soothing as we pass

The places I used to go
And all the ones I know
I left behind, only to find my way

Chasing someone else’s dreams
Through a swiftly closing door
Momentum’s running down
I can’t take much more

I thought I got just what I wanted
That was all a lie
I’m chasing someone else’s dreams
Story of my life

Verse 2:
I left my home behind me
Hopped a plane, moved to the coast
A thousand miles away
From the one who gets me most

Who is all this even for
Cause I know it’s not for me
It doesn’t matter anymore
As the train puts me to sleep, (passing)



How could I leave it all behind?
Not even knowing what I’d find…
How could I leave you far behind?
On the whim of someone else’s mind?



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  1. This is very textural. I'm going to use that reflective glass window - you see traces of yourself but you can see through it. Hm. Lots of good song material here. Good work buddy.