Company of Thieves

I had the privilege of seeing Company Of Thieves at the end of 2008 play an acoustic set in Indiana, and I was truly amazed by their incredible presence and earnest honesty in their performances. The drummer was only playing a cajon and crash cymbal, their guitarist had technical issues with his guitar, and the PA was faulty, but it was still the best acoustic show I've seen in a good while. Then I bought their fully instrumented album, Ordinary Riches, on iTunes.

Now, personally, there are two kinds of albums that make my jaw drop: the kind that are so musically unbelievable that I have to listen to the album at least twice before understanding what's going on (think Between The Buried And Me, Dream Theater, Coheed and Cambria, etc), and the kind that, through simplicity and sincerity, are perfect. This is the latter. Ordinary Riches gets my vote for one of the better albums released (technically re-released) so far this year.

Check out a free download of their single, Oscar Wilde, for the next week or so, and buy the album. It's only $5.99 on iTunes, and they absolutely deserve it. I see these guys going far, at least on the indie scene, and I could see them reaching a status similar to Death Cab or Bright Eyes before we see the last of them. Hopefully, the last of them won't come anytime in the near future, because this band is amazing.


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